Four Reasons We Make Craft Beer Soaps

Four Reasons We Make Craft Beer Soaps

October 11, 2019

Four Reasons We Make Craft Beer Soaps

I can't tell you how many times we're asked about why we make craft beer soaps.  If it was just because it's fun, we wouldn't get repeat customers coming back for more!  There are legit reasons that we make soaps using craft beer and we wanted to share them with you today!

1 - Squeaky Clean & Moisturizing

Craft Beer is loaded with Sugar.  When the saponification* (big fancy word!) reaction occurs when we produce soap, the end result is very high glycerin soap that is over the top moisturizing and creamy feeling on your skin.  Combine this with the our soap formulation that includes amazing products like Organic Shea Butter, Organic Cocoa Butter, Olive Oil, Rice Bran Oil & more and these soaps clean (highly lathering) and feel like no other soap!

2 - It Doesn't Smell Like Beer

No one (almost) wants to smell like beer all day long!  As the Craft Beer goes through the saponification* process (that word again), the beer smell leaves!

3 - Supports Local Businesses & Families

As a small family owned business, we understand the struggles to compete locally with the Amazon's or in this case the Miller-Coors of the world.

4 - Craft Beer Soap is Unique

Yes, making soap using Craft Beer is novel and cool, especially for beer lovers.  It's also a whole different process and the craft beer is put through some serious abuse as we boil out the alcohol and then freeze it before making soap with the craft beer.  It's totally worth the extra effort! 


* Saponification is the way real soap is made.  It's a reaction between oils & salts that creates soap, The salt used is Sodium Hydroxide & Water Solution (commonly known as lye) that is blended with a mixture of oils.  When making craft beer soaps, we replace the water with craft beer.  Keep in mind that this is not your Great Grandma's Lye Soap!  We formulate everything scientifically and use a blend of 6 to 8 oils & butters to get the properties that we want in our soaps.