Shopping Handmade Soaps "Hot and Ready or Hand Tossed"

Shopping Handmade Soaps "Hot and Ready or Hand Tossed"

October 01, 2019

Shopping for Handmade Soaps








We know the go to the local market or craft show and want to refill your supply of handmade soap.  Handmade soaps are like pizza.  You can go get your "Hot and Ready" for $5.00 or the local wood oven baked, hand tossed pizza for $25.00.  Both are pizza.  One is meh.  The other amazing.  So, when shopping for handmade soap, don't settle on the meh.

We like to think that our soaps are like the hand tossed pizza for just a little bit more than the hot and ready price.

Ingredients Matter - Please read the labels!

Our soaps are formulated to cleanse your body & face, as well as lather great and make your skin feel amazing. Every single oil & butter have different properties and we use 6 to 8 different plant based oils and butters in our formulations. Many of our ingredients are Organic, including our Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and Mango Butter.  Again, please read the labels. 

Scents - Mostly Essential Oils (Cha-ching!)

Most of the Finding The Trail Soaps are scented with essential oils. Cha-ching!   The only way to scent soaps naturally is with essential oils.  We source our essential oils from reputable and reliable suppliers of pure essential oils.  Most of our bars contain nearly a quarter ounce of essential oil!  We don't skimp!  

Size Does Matter!

When shopping for your handmade soaps, don't just look at the price.  Is the soap labeled properly with ingredients and weight? 

Example: A 4-1/2 oz $7 bar is 29% larger than a 3-1/2 oz/$6 bar and only 17% greater in cost.

(Note:  We increased our bar size early 2019 and have been checking the weight over time and will be relabeling from 4 oz to 4.6 oz in early 2020.)

Packaging - We Use Biolefin biodegradable wrap

We hate using plastic and want to be as sustainable as possible while still protecting our soaps from noses and fingers.  The Biolefin wrap is biodegradable and smell through!  Biolefin decomposes at about the same rate as paper in the earth.

Soap People Making Claims

Do we make some of our soaps for specific purposes?  Of course we do.  Do they cure anything or help with any skin conditions?  That's up for you to decide.  There's a fine line between legally making soap and making medical claims.  Anyone making claims is in clear violation of laws.  Read the ingredients carefully, do your research and try our products.  You'll be amazed!

Other Gobbleygook (technical jargon)

We follow GMP.  Good manufacturing processes.  What's that mean.  It means that every batch of soap we make is recorded.  All the ingredients, all the sources, who made it, what day.....blah, blah, blah.  Why do you care?  It simply means that we're consistent in all our practices, we sanitize our area and tools properly, wear hairnets, rubber gloves and eye protection.  We go through all this, so that every time you buy a particular soap from us, it is made exactly the same way every batch.  And when you get it in the shower.....ahhhhh!