Dead Sexy Grooming

Dead Sexy Beard Balm

Dead Sexy Beard Balms & Beard Oils 

Formulated to make your skin & beard feel great!  Really light, important oils like Golden Jojoba Oil & Argan oil are loaded with important nutrients for your skin and hair.  Our oils are really light and absorbing, so they don't make your face greasy and your beard feel heavy.  And they won't clog your pores!  Our beard products are scented "just right" as your nose knows when it's too much! 

Dead Sexy Craft Beer Soaps

Formulated with Craft Beer from many of Michigan's finest craft brewers, they make amazing soap!  Over the top lather and creaminess!  Many choices for the guys, plus Calamity Jane for the ladies.  As we like our beer big and bold, we make these bars huge!  Cut them in half before putting in the shower.