Buck Naked - Beard Oil & Balm Set


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Buck Naked - Beard Oil & Balm Set


Dead Sexy Buck Naked Beard Oil (1 oz)

Dead Sexy Buck Naked Beard Balm (1.25 oz)

Unscented (for when you don't want to smell good)


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Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Argan Oil, Golden Jojoba Oil, Aloe, Vitamin E

About Our Beard Oils & Balms

Formulated for all types of guys skins.  Dead Sexy Beard Oils are very light and absorb nicely.  Since all the scent is under your nose we make it light and not overpowering.  Won't clog your pores and does make your beard oily and heavy.  Our super special ingredients are the Argan Oil, which your beard loves and the Golden Jojoba Oil which is cherished by your skin.  

Will it make my beard grow faster and thicker?  

Wish we could make this claim!  We see other beard oils and balms with similar ingredients making this claim.  No way!  It will however, make the skin and hair feel softer and help condition both.